Whole Hog Roast

Dark Side is With Rub! Not Burned! Light Side: No Rub

Dark Side is With Rub! Not Burned! Light Side: No Rub

By far, the best way to roast a whole hog is generously outlined and illustrated at Three Guys From Miami.

It is easy – yes it is! Very efficient (read cheap) and portable!

Your biggest challenge will be getting the whole hog. This can be easy too – if you’re lucky. Try contacting a food distributor. You know, the guys that supply restaurants.

If you end up buying on the hoof or from the local butcher shop, you’ll probably need to store it overnight. To keep it cool, wrap your hog up in an insulated sleeping bag! This will keep the piggie cool, even during the hottest July nights. We got ours on the hoof, had it butchered, kept in a locker for a day, wrapped it in the sleeping bag and by the next morning it was thawed, but still cold. Perfect! If you don’t have a sleeping bag you are willing to sacrifice, visit your local thrift store or surplus outlet.

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We followed the Miami Guys instructions as closely as possible.  Tip: If you can’t find a sheet of aluminum, visit your local newspaper and see if you can swindle buy a couple of spoiled printing plates.

CAUTION: DO NOT use printing plates that have been used on the press or have been imaged ready for printing. As for a printing plate that has been damaged before use so that it has no “ink” applied.  Based on the size of the printing plate you will need two or three. Be careful, they are very sharp on the edges.


Two self-described “Yankees” brought the Cuban pigroast to Bowling Green, Kentucky.  195 lb. dressed weight pig was cooked to perfection in just over seven hours and used only 65 lbs. of charcoal. Some 70 lucky people feasted on this pig with “just a few leftovers.”

“Every southerner I consulted said “no way.” Digging the pit was too much work, it would take to long to cook, you can’t tell when it’s done, it will burn… and on and on. Because of your well written and simple instructions and clear graphics on what was needed, we had great results. Everyone raved! Thanks for helping some Yankees earn some respect in the mid-south!”


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