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(Reverse) Stone Castle, 1 mile south, built 1790 by Thomas Metcalfe for Jacob Spears. A Pennsylvanian who settled in Paris, he was innovative farmer & one of first distillers of bourbon whiskey. Still standing on this farm are a springhouse and a storehouse for his bourbon whiskey. It is the most complete distiller’s complex still in existence today.

Ingredients for bourbon: Corn, Barley and Wheat…

BBQ and Bourbon is a labor of love.

After years of tasting there is one indisputable fact:

There is no bad Q or bad bourbon.

As a matter of fact all Kentucky Barbeque, Barbecue, BBQ, Bar-B-Q, (no matter how you spell it) is good, same with Kentucky Bourbon. It’s all good.

Some is better than others.

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Educational Infographic Bourbon vs. Whisky…

click to see full size…



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