Mila Kunis: Love Me for My Bourbon, Not My Body



Mila Kunis told a New Zealand newspaper that she chose not to play the role of “girl in a bikini” in the new Jim Beam ads.

We are sorry for her decision.

The Friends With Benefits actress is the new spokeswoman for Jim Beam. She says she’s not trying to feminize the bourbon brand, just break a few stereotypes.

“Breaking the stereotype of bourbon being a boys drink is really not necessarily my goal – I’m not trying to break any barriers. It’s just that I think showing that a girl doesn’t have to be in a bikini half-naked with an alcoholic beverage for it to be sexy, is a cool thing.”

Wait. What? “doesn’t have to be half-naked with and alcoholic beverage to be sexy…”


In the series of TV ads, she learns how bourbon is made, rolls a 450 lb barrel of bourbon, learns the “Kentucky chew” and shows up as a vintage time-travelling guide through the brand’s history.

In a bikini.

(I just made up that last part.)


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