Bourbon Bottle Collectors Do Well To Try

Goodwill Industries has it’s own auction site,

For those of you who are seeking a special edition bottle or just like to collect unusual bourbon bottles, it’s worth taking a peek.

For example there are two auctions active now.

Beam Bicentennial Bottle

Ltd 1976 Beam Bicentennial Bourbon Decanter (5963578)

Beam bicentennial decanter depicting one of Norman Rockwells Saturday Evening Post ads. It measures: 10” tall. Some wear is noted on the exterior due to age. AA condition.

Jim Beam South Carolina Collectible Bottle (5979303)
Collectible 9″ tall Jim Beam South Carolina liquor bottle. No liqour in bottle. Dated 1970.

Good luck with your bidding.


10 thoughts on “Bourbon Bottle Collectors Do Well To Try

  1. This has nothing to do with my website, but I have a few bottles from this era. Matter of fact, I think I have this bottle. My father passed on a year ago and left me with all of his collectible bottles. My father also went to school with the Grandson of Jim Beam. So he knew a little bit of these bottles.

  2. I have the bottle similar to this,,1976, with the picture
    the story of fightng distroyer,
    then there is a word saying


  3. Q.
    I have a bottle of Old Jim Gore Bourbon Whiskey
    that is unopened and stlll has most of the stamp paper over the cork. It has a date of 1927 on it. It also has a label that states it’s for ‘Medicinal Purpose Only’.
    Is this bottle valuable?

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