Jim Beam New Flavored Potato Chips Available In Australia

Jim Beam Brands has introduced a line of potato crisps in Australia. The Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Cuts Potato Chips are available in three US-inspired varieties: Southern Salt with a Hint of Black Pepper, BBQ and Chilli Grills.

Parents have not been thrilled about the bourbon flavored chips even though the chips contain no alcohol.


4 thoughts on “Jim Beam New Flavored Potato Chips Available In Australia

  1. where can we buy the chilli grills in the wagga wagga area. we have been able to get them in cooma but that supply has stopped stocking them.

  2. I am going nuts trying to find a supplier of the chilli grills here in Darwin. Where can I get them from. All the shops that once stocked them no long do now and I have searched in many other stores but to no avail. Please please help

  3. Chilli grills, cajun, bbq, hickory, salt/pepper Jim Beam chips available from Campbell’s Store Craft Centre, Morpeth, Hunter Valley NSW. They’ll post Australia wide.

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