New BBQ World Magazine Hits the Circuit

I can’t wait to get my hands on the premier issue of BBQ World Magazine. Judging from their rather spartan website and more importantly, their location, Long Beach, Mississippi, I would say the publishers of this magazine have eaten their fair share of Q. (Aside:Long Beach is the Radish Capital of the World, and Radishes and I go way back.)

The smell, the taste, the technique of barbecue… some say it’s a science, some say it’s a way of life. We say it’s so important, a magazine should be dedicated to it.

They are attempting to cover a mighty large area, professionals, circuit travelers and backyard grillers. They have promised to cover:

  • Grill of the month
  • Featured Q&A with champs
  • Featured columnists
  • Recipes
  • Calendar of events
  • Tips and tricks
  • Best barbecue restaurants
  • Grill gadgetry
  • Barbecue secrets
  • Cookbook reviews

The premier issue is on it’s way, I’m really looking forward to see if BBQ World Magazine lives up to their billing:

BBQ World Magazine is devoted to covering one of the most popular pastime activities enjoyed by millions. It’s our passion to introduce you international competitions, savory recipes, restaurant hotspots, backyard barbecue, and one of our favorite topics, the people behind the grill.

Distribution is by subscription and BBQ World Magazine will also be available at

— National barbecue competitions
— Retail vendor locations
— National food & beverage expos
— Regional food festivals
— Restaurant equipment shows
— Retail BBQ restaurants
— Football stadiums
— NASCAR events

Good Luck!


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